Pleasure as a pathway to Feminine Radiance

January 10th, 2018 - Carrboro, NC


Where does pleasure rank on your to-do list?

Are you really good at taking care of everyone else, but tend to put your own desires and needs last?

Do you often feel exhausted, turned-off, and depleted at the end of the day?

If so, then I hope you’ll join me for this free mini-workshop on the importance of pleasure in a woman’s life!

Together we will:

  • Discover why pleasure is such an essential ingredient to a woman’s radiance and magnetism.
  • Begin to honor and prioritize your relationship to your own pleasure.
  • Come up with specific ways (individualized to you!) to bring pleasure into your daily life.


When a woman is turned on to her pleasure, she glows.

She becomes magnetic.

She radiates joy, love, and confidence.

A woman like that can change the world.

I want us all to become that woman.


*Please bring a pen and your favorite journal!

Pleasure as a pathway to Feminine Radiance

Carrboro, NC

Location: Oasis Coffee Shop, Carr Mill Mall

Date: Wednesday January 10th, 2018

Time: 7:00-8:30pm

Cost: Free!

If this workshop speaks to you, make sure to check out my six-week Radiant Woman Circle starting on April 4th!