Reconnecting women to their pleasure and feminine radiance.

Imagine a woman who...

  • Honors her body and loves herself exactly as she is.
  • Stands in her power and pleasure.
  • Listens and tends to her own needs, unapologetically.
  • Courageously breaks convention to follow her heart's longing.

That woman is within you. Can you hear her calling?

It's time to reignite the fire of your feminine soul.

Meet Nadia

My mission in life is to help women reclaim their truth, body wisdom, and sensuality as pathways to their feminine radiance. The world needs you fully alive and in your power!

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What I Do

I offer private coaching, women's circles, workshops, retreats, and deep-dive programs to women who are ready to shed the layers covering up their wild radiant selves!

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Upcoming Events:

Devi Day: Radiate!

May 6th, 9:00am-4:00pm

Join Olynda Smith and me for this full-day women's retreat at the beautiful and peaceful Sfeer Studios. Our morning will be filled with yoga, meditation, and breathwork, and our afternoon will be spent prioritizing our pleasure and reconnecting to the wisdom and beauty of our bodies as pathways to feminine radiance. 

We'll also have ample time for a luxurious potluck lunch and strolls along the beautiful Sfeer Studios grounds!

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Pleasure as a pathway to Feminine Radiance

May 17th, 7:00-8:30pm

Oasis Coffee Shop - Carrboro, NC

Join me for this free mini-workshop and discover why pleasure is such an essential ingredient to a woman's radiance and how to prioritize it in your daily life!

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Radiant Woman Circle Summer 2017

6-week series + private coaching session

Join me in this 6-week women's circle for a personal transformation journey towards uncovering your most radiant self.

Together we'll shed the layers that are covering up the true YOU and bring pleasure, playfulness, and passion back into your life!

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