Radiant Woman Circle

A 6-week journey to prioritizing your pleasure, honoring your truth, and stepping into your feminine power.

Next circle starts on October 2nd, 2019!

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Hello, Gorgeous.

I believe that you were born to be radiant.

I believe that pleasure is the pathway to your authentic power.

I believe that your desires will lead you to your truth. 

I believe that, as women, it's time to break the chains of striving, perfection, and over-doing that are keeping us stuck and depleted.

It's time to learn a new way of being...

One that allows us to flow with life, rather than push through it.

One that beckons us to slow down and listen to our own inner-wisdom so that we may find ease and balance throughout our days. 

One that celebrates our feminine bodies and feeds our sensuality.

Welcome to the Radiant Woman Circle.

I'm so glad you're here. 

If you decide to join me on this six-week journey, you'll enter into a sacred space with a small tribe of loving and supportive sisters. Together, we will gently shed the layers that are getting in the way of you living the life your heart longs for.

Ready to be your fully radiant self?

This group of women has become a refuge for me — a circle of sisters with whom I can dig into my own soul and find the person I’m meant to be. Already in the process of waking up inside, the women’s circle has given me a richly supportive environment to begin working on the more embedded and tender portions of myself. With these women, I am finding my own unique strength, confidence, and power. I am finding my true voice and, once again, I am falling in love with life.
— Erika, Chapel Hill, NC

What's included in the Radiant Woman Circle?

Six Weekly Circles

Weekly Circles

A small group of badass women (six max). We meet once a week for two and a half hours of sharing, growing, laughing, and creating magic.

Weekly Home Practices

Deepening Practices

Deepening practices sent to your inbox every week for you to apply the work that we do in the circle. This is where the rubber hits the road!

Private Coaching

Private Coaching

One 50 minute coaching call with me to check-in about your experience and dismantle any blocks that might be keeping you stuck.

You'll also get the following bonuses and goodies...

For me, the circle was the completion of my healing process. I learned more about what it meant to be patient with myself and my limitations — and that pushed me to doing more of the things I want. Nadia is an excellent facilitator who is not afraid to make herself vulnerable. This creates a safe community where it’s easy to share and comfortable to be yourself. If you’re on the fence about signing up, just do it. It’s a very small price for the amount of self-discovery that happens.
— Camilla, Durham, NC

These are the topics we'll be digging into each week...

4-Week Deep Dive Button.png

Embracing our Wholeness: the Dark and the Light

  • Learn to tenderly embrace all parts of yourself so you can begin reclaiming your wholeness.

  • Explore the notion of what "Divine Feminine" means to you and how she shows up in your life.

  • Start setting the stage for your 6-week transformational journey and beyond.

Honoring our Desires and Prioritizing Pleasure

  • Get intimate with your heart’s deepest (and, chances are, unspoken) desires.

  • Learn to make subtle shifts that create a big impact in your day-to-day life.

  • Understand the importance of pleasure and how to turn it from an occasional indulgence into an essential daily ingredient.

The Feminine Art of Surrendering and Receiving

  • Practice the art of receiving and begin to open to the stunning opportunities waiting right outside your door.

  • Loosen the need for control without feeling disempowered.

  • Learn when to surrender and trust so that you can go from resisting life to effortlessly flowing with it.

Loving our Bodies in their Perfect Imperfection

  • Begin healing your relationship with your body exactly as she is, right now.

  • Create customized daily rituals to honor and love your body as a sacred temple.

  • Start celebrating your one-of-a-kind beauty in your daily life.

Stepping into our Sensuality (a.k.a. Making Love to Life)

  • Discover the four steps to awakening your sensuality.

  • Deepen your experience of the five senses through food, dance, music, meditation, and beauty.

  • Master the art of living sensually every day.

Tapping into our Intuition and Taking on the Future

  • Uncover your body’s unique way of communicating with you.

  • Make wiser day-to-day decisions by regularly checking in with your intuition.

  • Reflect on key learnings from your six-week journey and determine the next steps you are committed to taking on your ongoing path.

The circle reminded me, instantly, of the power of sisterhood. Nadia held the space in a way that allowed magic to happen: I left each week feeling that my perspectives on life and femininity had both expanded and been affirmed. This was a beautiful experience that I’ll hold close to my heart for a long time to come.
— Elizabeth, Hillsborough, NC

In this circle you will learn how to:

  • Look inside yourself rather than outside for answers, allowing your feminine soul to guide your actions and decisions.

  • Reignite your wild sexy side.

  • Feel at home in your skin and love your divine body.

  • Defuse daily stresses with pleasure and creativity.

  • Transform rigidity and control into sensuality and flow.


This circle is for you if:

  • You long to bring more playfulness, pleasure, and passion into your days.

  • You're eager to begin an epic love affair with your body.

  • You hunger for more in your life. "Fine" no longer cuts it. You want to live every day full-out. 

  • You're ready to shed the layers that are covering up the true YOU and start the journey of coming home to yourself and standing in your truth.

By the end of the circle, I discovered that a sense of self and agency had returned for me in a way I hadn’t realized had gone missing in the first place, which was incredibly empowering. I can’t recommend this experience enough!
— Julie, Carrboro, NC

By joining the circle, you get access to the RadiantFem Sisterhood


The RadiantFem sisterhood is a local, online, and in-person monthly membership community made up of Radiant Woman Circle alumni. 

Through weekly practices, monthly full moon gatherings, and other in-person events, we come together to connect, support, and celebrate each other as we continue the work of prioritizing and honoring our pleasure, sensuality, feminine power, and divinity. 

What I love most about this sisterhood is that any of us can show up when, how, and in whatever state feels true, and it is received with acceptance and love. I can just be who I am, without trying. Without feeling like I need to dim down my joy or my despair. I feel like RadientFem is teaching me how to Love (myself, more than anything).
— Gabrielle

Upcoming circles!

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Radiant Woman Circle (Oct/Nov 2019)

Six-week series + private coaching session

Location: Nadia’s Home - Hillsborough, NC (close to Maple View Farm)

Dates: Wednesdays, October 2nd - November 6th, 2019

Time: 6:30pm-9:00pm

Circle is full!

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